Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night jukebox: Pete Seeger sings solidarity

This one comes with a shoutout to Padre Mickey.


June Butler said...

Jane, I know this is for El Padre, but I listened. Nice, very nice.

My word verification is "fleetin". No kidding.

Padre Mickey said...

The Union makes us strong!
Here's hoping that Unions will be restored.

Jane R said...

Dear Mimi, this song was for everyone -- just a special shoutout to El Padre, but not to the exclusion of any other readers. Solidarity forever. I am actually a union member. (National Writers Union, UAW, AFL-CIO. Yes, the writers are members of the UAW.)

P.S. My word verification is "uncellit." The word verification writers have been having a good time since they decided to make words that are more like really words.

Unknown said...

Pete knows how to make a piece of music really come to life in the mind and the hearts of people. I especially have enjoyed the two you have her in your blog, and of course the children's songs he did!