Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcomed home with purrs aplenty

Her Grace is a veritable engine wrapped in fur. Purr, purr, purr. I am getting the royal purring treatment after my three days of absence. More purrs than meows this time, and vast amounts of feline cuddles. Life is good.

'xcept I gots to teach at 8:30 a.m. But it was worth taking late flights home since I had the whole day with my folks instead of a truncated Sunday.

The Velcro Cat wants full attention. Off I go. Tales of the Boston visit as soon as I can. +Maya Pavlova says "Don't forget to nap!"


Unknown said...

Was that +Maya out visiting Quincy while you were in Chicago? I've heard from a fairly reliable source that she's in the running for bishop out there of the Real Episcopal Diocese... Any details that you can provide? Also (not to put pressure on Our Dear +Maya) but isn't it time for one of her encyclicals? Especially as we enter a colder/darker phase of the year, comforting words from Our Dear +Maya could help us and give us hope. Or at least give us permission to nap more often.

Anonymous said...

Dear +Clumber,

A lady does not always tell where she has been. Sometimes I am a stealth bishop, though as a rule I prefer transparency. Since I am not a Midwesterner, another feline or canine, or equine or bovine for that matter, may be a better choice for the RED of Quincy. Which does not mean I will not exercise my considerable influence.

As for an autumnal pastoral letter, that is a fine idea, my dear brother. I'm afraid I am spending much time calming down the Canon to the Extraordinary, who is a bit cranky and overworked and needs to clean the living room besides. This requires extra sleep on my part. I am also eating more than usual, perhaps to catch up from my skinny post-traumatic phase of two months ago, perhaps because, as you so rightly note, fall is upon us and the weather has gone chilly.

Fear not, though, if I cannot write anything for my beloved friends in the worldwide church now, I may write something for the start of Advent. The Canon is preaching on First Advent and she says she will be consulting me beforehand. I may need to write something to steer her in the right direction before she start blathering in front of her congregation. You know how she gets. It's a good thing I keep an eye on her. She is a handful these days.

But I, +Maya Pavlova, am very well, and I have managed not only to sleep very well on every soft pillow in the house, but to jump onto and into several interesting locations including the cabinets above the kitchen counter (the Canon says I don't belong there but I laugh and am quicker than she is - she opens the door to get out the tea and zap, I'm in!) and the very top of the tallest bookcase in the house. I had ballet as a kitten and still have excellent leaping capacity.

Love, purrs, prayers, and pastoral concern,

+Maya Pavlova, FBE