Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chitchat update (and Eight Random Things coming)

I wrote my answers to the Eight Random Things meme two days ago but can't yet upload them here because I'm on someone else's computer and mine won't work with the house connection (well, it could, but my host is very un-tech-y) so I have to wait till I can get somewhere with WiFi. Patience, friends, patience.

And then I am going into Less Chatty Mode, which means I will be posting (maybe just as often, maybe less, maybe more [!!], not sure) but not able to take time to visit and chat. (I won't be wandering around in the comments section, mine or other people's. Though I will be reading comments here!) Talk amongst yourselves...

I just have a few monkette weeks during my time in Northern California and must take advantage of the very rare opportunity

There's already lots of reading material below.

Peace, all.

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pj said...

As it is, I cannot keep up with your blog. I hope you're getting a little r&r once in a while. (Rest and relaxation, or rock'n'roll. Whichever you prefer.)