Monday, August 4, 2008

North Carolina (and Virginia?) churchy folks: registration open for event on racial history of the Diocese of North Carolina

I've mentioned before that a group of us have been planning a one-day conference on the racial history (particularly slavery and the Jim Crow era and their legacies) of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. It will take place September 6, about a month from now.

Registration has been open for a while, but we now have registration forms online (printable). There's a link on the other blog.

All y'all come if you are within driving distance and can spare a Saturday. Even if you are not from this diocese or are not an Episcopalian, it should be an event well worth attending.

I'll post on this event as time allows and will likely do some kind of writeup afterwards via my monthly column at the Episcopal Café, but you may want to bookmark the other blog, Race, Justice, and Love, since I am about to start updating it and posting there more often and it will have related posts and resources.

I updated this post on August 6. --JCR


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Just saw this, Jane. Fooey! I will be doing our opening EFM retreat that weekend, so won't be able to attend. When is the next one?

Jane R said...

No idea! This is a first and a big deal. (It also took a lot of work to put it together.) We do envision this as the first in a series of events, but we have to get through it first and see how it goes and what people's needs and responses are. Stay tuned, and of course send your insights and suggestions any time. I'll try and post as much as possible on the ARC blog before and after the event.

We do have diocesan anti-racism trainings (or dialogues, or whatever we are going to rename them) going all year, of course, and there should be three or four daylong events planned for this coming year. Those are similar to the ones we've offered in the past, except that we moved from a two-day to a one-day model this past year.

Are you on our mailing list? (The snail-mail one, which we don't use a lot, but do try to keep current and active.) If you've taken one of the trainings, you are and you should have received a bright green "save the date" card in recent weeks re: the Sept. 6 conference. If you are not on our list, I can put you on there. We are also looking to train more trainers. You could also join the Anti-Racism Committee :-). Seriously. We meet every two months. Usually in Burlington, but we may be moving meetings around in the future. Meetings are always on a Saturday morning, though... Let's talk off-blog.

Also: The film "Traces of the Trade" will be showing (without the conference, as a stand-alone event) in Hillsborough the night before the conference, I think. But the p.r. isn't out yet.