Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday cat blogging: Maya watches a blue-tailed lizard

A quick note.

'tis the warm season of lizards lounging in the sun, and the ones who lounge on the walls and windowsills of my house are pretty, electric blue-tailed ones. When they appear and slither along the outside of the windows, Maya Pavlova makes guttural cat-sounds and flicks her tail and runs along the windowsills (inside - she's not allowed outdoors). In my study there are two windows, almost a whole wall's worth of window space, and the inside windowsills are narrow enough for a little cat bottom and little cat feet.

So Maya leaves her shelf in front of one of the windows and zips along the inside windowsill, following the lizard as it zips along the outside windowsill.

I haven't managed to photograph one of our house lizards yet, but here is what they look like:

The tail is even more shiny and electric blue in real life. The rest of the lizard's body is shiny, too. I don't think they are phosphorescent at night, but they look as if they could be!


it's margaret said...

that lizard is so freakin' cool! i think if I were Maya, and I fit on the legde, I would follow them too!

johnieb said...

Do you know of any way to attract lizards? I am thinking of more channels on cat TV: the new deck.

Fran said...

Oh BooBoo would love that!!!

Cool lizard!!

elle said...

i have these lizards, too. i've lived in nc before and never saw them, but in our new house, they're everywhere. i can't get a picture of them, either. fast little things.