Monday, August 25, 2008

Swift-Boating and the Oily-Garchs

It's a political day here at Acts of Hope, and the Acts of Hope extended family is publishing like crazy.

(Yours truly, on the other hand, is two weeks overdue with her Episcopal Café August column and drowning in back-to-school work. Taught a class on 2d century Christianity on four and a half hours of sleep at 8:30 a.m. Not good. Well, the class was good, but I am going to have a nap this afternoon, once I am done with office hours, from which I am stealing time right now since there are no students in my office.)

"Oily-Garchs" is the not too subtle but accurate term used by a friend of the family, Jerry Landay, who is a contributor to the Providence (Rhode Island) Journal. Here's his latest column. A little something for Paul the BB's McCain watch.

Back to my stack of student writing. Yup, assignments already. We waste no time.


pj said...

Hi dearie! Sorry to hear you're already swamped. I'm just back from the Cape and I'm not prepared for all this politics.

Definitely not up to reading about McCain just yet. :(

Sending off for my Obama/Biden bumper sticker. I'm feeling cautiously not-un-optimistic. Know what I mean?

Jane R said...

I'm not ready for it either. Welcome back! The article below is a little more bearable. I couldn't get through this one.

Anyway, swee'pea, I hope you had a GREAT vacation on the Cape.

Speaking of Cape Cod, I really, really want to stay up and watch Ted Kennedy, and it's not that late he's appearing, but I never did get that nap because I had a bunch of work to finish, and then we had a department meeting in my living room (more comfy for a long meeting plus one of our members brought his baby) and I have another half hour of work to do, and then I think I am going to go to sleep early and get up early rather than dragging my sorry tuchus around all evening. Enough is enough, ya know?

+Maya says "Purrrrr to that snazzy Jufiscopalian over there."

Cautiously non-un-optimistic is exactly it.

Fran said...

PJ - I better email you... I have an obama bumper sticker in Hebrew that I can send to you.

I learned about such a think right here on Jane's wise blog!

Jane- great column!