Saturday, August 23, 2008

+Maya and Jane's happy first year

I almost missed the anniversary of when the lovely Miss Maya came to live with me. A year ago this weekend!

This is a photo the shelter took of her while she was living there. And here are photos I posted soon after she came to live with me. Maya Pavlova almost immediately charmed the blogosphere and photos of her appeared at MadPriest's and PeaceBang's.

This is from the same first week. Aw heck, I'll just post it so you don't have to click the link:

Since then, of course, Maya Pavlova has become (or maybe she was already and we just didn't know) the Right Rev. and Right Honorable Maya Pavlova, F.B.E.

What a fine feline she is. How very fortunate I am. She doesn't have it too bad, either.

Big purrs to all our four-legged pals out there: Ermengarde and Max, Jasper, Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, Callum and Co., +Rowan, +Clumber, +Airedale, BooCat's cats, Kitten's kittens, Witty, Mr. Booboo, Miz Scarlett, La Doyenne and Orange Guy and Younger Guy, Grendel, SweetieCat (with a fond memory for her pal, the recently deceased BabyBoy), Rebecca and Jan's Slightly Surly Cat (whose name I keep forgetting even though we lived together for a week), and the anonymous English cat who loves the boys of the Global Center. (Apologies if we forgot anyone; it's my fault, not +Maya's.) And of course, to all our two-legged pals who do such a good job of being Fans and Friends of +Maya Pavlova. Remember, four-legged friends are good for your mental health!


Kitten said...

Hey Jane, Maggie, Gabby and I thank you for the shout out! This seems to be the weekend for anniversaries, for this is Gabby's 4th anniversary as a member of the Kitten Klan.

I'm posting something tomorrow, as I am currently housesitting and don't have photos available at the moment.

Happy Anniversary from us to your Gorgeous Grey Girl!

Fran said...

Happy anniversary! You two make a great pair.

johnieb said...

How wonderful it is when we dwell together in community (paraphrased).

Greetings and congratulations from JB & the Anchorite. I am so not looking forward to telling her we're moving.

Mike Farley said...

Many congratulations to you both, from Mike & Jan (human) and Figgy, Lulu, Ruby & Ftifa (feline)!

May you have many many more of these anniversaries - and a special treat for ++Maya on each one...

Paul said...

And what a lovely year it has been (though hectic) because +Maya has been with you and you have been with her. A happy celebration. She is such a gorgeous kitteh! Many happy and healthy years together!

My validation word is "lkfrztl" - I think it refers to lolcat grooming: lik furz, tail. All klean!