Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aux armes, citoyens!

(nonviolently, of course)

Last Call for Change We Can Believe In

Frank Rich, The New York Times:

"As the real campaign at last begins in Denver this week, this much is certain: It's time for Barack Obama to dispatch 'Change We Can Believe In' to a dignified death. This isn't because - OMG! -Obama's narrow three- to four-percentage-point lead of recent weeks dropped to a statistically indistinguishable one- to three-point margin during his week of vacation. It's because zero hour is here. As the presidential race finally gains the country's full attention, the strategy that vanquished Hillary Clinton must be rebooted to take out John McCain."
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johnieb said...

Neither the first, nor the last, call to move our society towards sanity. Options for Presidents come from all directions--states, organized constituencies, their own sense of what must be done; the more important point to make to Obama is that it can be done.

I hope this candidate's heart is in a good place, but he is a realist, and will always settle for what he can get over what he really wants.