Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on the Peters family bereavement for Catherine and call for short notes

Deep thanks to all of you who posted condolences and intentions of prayer below in the comments section of my short announcement of the accidental death of Bosco Peters's daughter Catherine.

MadPriest has posted an update here, with information about a wreath and a booklet of letters that Alcibiades of Caliban's Dream is sending on behalf of our cyber-community. Go to Alcibiades's blog here for information about sending your note to the Peters family. I will also find a way to pass on to Alcibiades the messages you left below.

Please continue to pray for Bosco, Helen, and Jonathan and their family and for Catherine's friends.

O God who brought us to birth,
and in whose arms we die:
in our grief and shock
contain and comfort us;
embrace us with your love,
give us hope in our confusion,
and grace to let go into new life,
through Jesus Christ,

********Janet Morley

Short prayers: at a funeral
from All Desires Known: Inclusive Prayers for Worship and Meditation, expanded edition


Sheila said...

What a lovely website.......
I'd like to share my story, if at all possible, of losing my best-friend/hubby now 23 mos ago.
Truly it has been a difficult journey, and one that I'd never expected to be dealt !

Let me know if at all possible.
Many thanks,
Yours in Christ,
Sheila Joyce Gibbs

~joyouSNymph~ said...

I do understand the grief that you are going through cos I lost my daughter last year and husband this year.

I'm still learning how to pray correctly cos I'm still new in christ.

Thanks for the daily Healing Psalms cos they do help in my spritual healings.

As part of my grief management, I talk to my late daughter and now my recently added late husband in her blog.