Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prayer Posse update, cont'd

More updates. Bless your hearts.

Deborah has gotten over her virus and is out and about.

Mimi's wallet turned up! An honest cab driver and St. Anthony did what they do best.

I am still writing. (With a break for church this a.m., the last of my Lenten Series session in the late afternoon / early evening, and supper and conversation with +Maya Pavlova. Also, I have to read and grade some exams and papers sometime before tomorrow morning.)

The funeral for Aunt Anne is Tuesday in Yonkers, NY. I won't be able to make it, nor will the other members of the Acts of Hope family (my 90-year-old parents who can't travel this week plus my Beloved Sibling and two generations of offspring who all live in Europe) but Anne's granddaughter, who was away in India with her (Indian) husband and children, was due back today with her family (this was already planned) so I think all of Anne's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be there. Thank you for your kind messages.


Fran said...

Oh Jane, I have not been on your blog at all, I am so hit or miss. I am so sorry about Aunt Anne, may she rest in peace.

I am really praying for you Jane!

Jane R said...

Thanks, sweetie. I really appreciate your prayers, especially for the writing.

Aunt Anne was old and probably ready to go. She had a good death. After so many health problems in the last months it was good that she went both gently and fast. I am most concerned about my cousin Lisa. Remember her in your heart.

Talk to you soon, and good luck with that paper, the one that is almost done! Saw your note on FB.

Ken said...

I want to say "Write, excelsior! and let the little monsters grade themselves instead of holding you responsible," but we both know that will not happen. Whoever wrote "Justice, justice you shall pursue" never worked in higher education.

My moment of empathy: a new dog-walking client called to cancel our appt. He has a job interview. Oh God, can I ever empathize with that one. Hell, he needs $ to pay for the 14-week-old Rottweiler (and yes, I'm in love already:-).

June Butler said...

May Anne rest in peace and rise in glory. May God give comfort and consolation and peace to all who love her.

And thanks to God and St Anthony for the return of the wallet. I knew it would come back.