Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's not forget to play

+Rowan, Bishop of Playing and colleague and friend of +Maya Pavlova, FBE, has a new post up. You can see his latest message there as well as handsome photos. My, he's a fine dog. If you click on the picture of him in the back yard you can see him really large and close up too. We love +Rowan.


Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing said...

I love you too Ms. Jane and I want to give you a big lick and say thank you for putting up this pretty picture of me. I think you are a real human being and very playful.

Fran said...

We do so love Rowan around here too!!!

Jane - you have little time to play but when you do, Mary Hunt has a great piece up at Religion Dispatches.

Praying for you! I am ready to hit send with my paper; I will never be fully happy, but it is enough.

johnieb said...

Your pictures were wonderful, Rowan: woof!

Ken said...

What a cool and beautiful dog! The ears have it.