Friday, March 20, 2009

Shabbat Shalom

A friend dropped by a few hours ago with a warm, freshly baked loaf of challah which she had just made. Mmmm!

I gave her some flowers from the yard-garden-whatever-this-land-is-called.

The weather is sunny and fresh.

Here, for your enjoyment and perhaps also your edification, are some Shabbat songs and prayers.

I think I posted this a year or so ago, but never mind. It's a traditional Sephardic blessing before lighting candles. The beautiful (more on Sephardic music here) is by Balkan composer Flory Jagoda. The words are in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish, which is to Mediterranean Jews what Yiddish is to Eastern European Jews). You can hear the song, sung by Susan Gaeta, if you scroll down the page to where it says "click here." Here's the page.

Thanks to for the above and for the following.

Kiddush (prayer over the wine) with either feminine or masculine God-language. Has the tune of the chant, too. Here.

HaMotzi[ah] (prayer over the bread) with either masculine or feminine God-language. With the tunes.

Contemporary blessing after the meal here.


David@Montreal said...

Shabat Shalom to you also Jane (a wish I normally only share with Willie my daschund on Shabos eve, before he gets his treat)

I can almost smell that warm challah up here, where the last snow banks are still melting in my garden, so no flowers yet- but they shall indeed come


Fran said...

Good shabbos to one and all. This is lovely.

Anonymous said...

It's way past Havdalah here but this came at a good time for me. Thank you Jane.