Wednesday, March 25, 2009


With an exclamation mark, because the angel came to Mary with big news.

Acts of Hope invites you to a little trip down memory lane:

From two years ago, here.

From last year, here.

Now, where did I put my Annunciation Day sermon from five years ago? From the pulpit of a high Anglo-Catholic church, no less. I think it is on my wheezing old hard drive which I must take to the tech-y man. You'll just have to do with the Magnificat. Much better anyway. This is the version from the Carmelites of Indianapolis's People's Companion to the Breviary.

My soul proclaims your greatness, O my God,
and my spirit has rejoiced in you, my Savior,

For your regard has blessed me,
poor, and a serving woman.

From this day all generations
will call me blessed,

For you who are mighty have made me great.
Most Holy be your Name.

Your mercy is on those who fear you
throughout all generations.

You have shown strength with you arm,
you have scattered the proud in their hearts' fantasy.

You have put down the mighty from their seat,
and have lifted up the powerless.

You have filled the hungry with good things,
and have sent the rich away empty.

You, remembering your mercy,
have helped your people Israel,

As you promised Abraham and Sarah.
Mercy to their children, forever.

************** Luke 1:46-55


Ann said...

Love the pix

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane.

You and Ann have the best blog art!

Magdalene6127 said...
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Magdalene6127 said...

Amen! Ours is a radically liberative faith. Thanks be to Godde!