Friday, March 27, 2009

Love, loss, and grief: Ian and Lisa

Another loss in our blogging community. Lisa mourns the death of her beloved Ian.

MadPriest has posted the sad news and a photo of Ian and Lisa in happier days.

Grant peace and consolation, o Blessed One, to your children.


Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for posting this here, Jane. I'm a little miffed that The Mad One disabled comments ... at a time when some of us might most want/need to talk.

I followed Lisa and Ian's story, included them in my prayers, though I never commented.

Hearing of Ian's death today hit me in the gut. I cannot imagine what Lisa must be going through.

Times like this ... Sighs too deep for words. Groans that only God can hear.

Jane R said...

I think the Mad One was doing it out of respect... Paul the BB has a beautiful memorial post - go have a look.

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Lisa Fox said...

And I didn't really mean "miffed." I do understand he did it in respect and grief. But it was at MP's "house" that we met Lisa, so that seems the place to have the wake.

Off to check Paul's post. Thanks for the tip.