Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy spring (Northern Hemisphere) and happy autumn (Southern Hemisphere)

It's Equinox Day, vernal here in the North and autumnal in the Southern Hemisphere.

Good health to you all, wherever you are, and good health to Earth and waters and skies.

I will bless you, Lord my God!
You fill the world with awe.
You dress yourself in light,

in rich, majestic light.

You stretched the sky like a tent,
built your house beyond the rain.
You ride upon the clouds,
the wind becomes your wings,
the storm becomes your herald,
your servants, bolts of light.

You made the earth solid,
fixed it for good.
You made the sea a cloak,

covering hills and all.

At your command
the sea fled your thunder,
swept over the mountains,
down the valleys to its place.
You set its limits,
never to drown the earth again.

You feed springs that feed brooks,
rushing down ravines,
water for wild beasts,
for wild asses to drink.
Birds nest nearby
and sing among the leaves.

You drench the hills
with rain from high heaven.
You nourish the earth
with what you create.

You make grass grow for cattle,
make plants grow for people,
food to eat from the earth
and wine to warm the heart,
oil to glisten on faces
and bread for bodily strength.

In Lebanon God planted trees,
the flourishing cedar.
Sparrows nest in the branches,
the stork in treetops,
High crags for wild goats,
rock holes for badgers.

Your moon knows when to rise,
your sun when to set.
Your darkness brings on night
when wild beasts prowl.
The young lions roar to you
in search of prey.

They slink off to dens
to rest at daybreak,
then people rise to work
until the daylight fades,

God, how fertile your genius!
You shape each thing,

you fill the world
with what you do.


Psalm 104:1-24

Translation: ICEL (International Committee on English in the Liturgy)
Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 1995


Padre Mickey said...

And it was just Friday here nine degrees from the equator.

Doorman-Priest said...

And we've had sunshine!