Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday cat blogging on Saturday (2): +Maya Pavlova on the refrigerator

Eyes look a bit strange due to camera flash. Otherwise, it's our +Maya. One leap from floor to counter, another leap from counter to top of fridge, quicker than a flash.

Click to enlarge and see detail.


Lindy said...

She must feel like a queen up there.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

That spot in the first picture definitely looks like a Bishop's chair to me.

Mike Farley said...

More that +Maya has in common with our Ftifa - they're both aerialists!

Mary Clara said...

"PAIN RELIEF" is promised by the legend on Her Grace's refrigerator throne, and pain relief is what I get from contemplating her image.

Love our Feline Bishop!

Verification word is 'rifatr' which I think is how particularly intelligent and holy cats spell 'refrigerator'.

Jane R said...

Her Grace sends her best to her far-flung flock. (Like me, she likes alliterations.) She has asked me to be her amanuensis because she is extremely busy with her aerialist functions at present, dashing and jumping hither and yon in almost every room of the house but this one. I slept late today on my first free morning in days and days and days and after the alarm clock went off (I'd still be asleep if it hadn't) she came in and used my chest as a trampoline to get onto a higher surface. She did stop by in between acrobatics to rub her face against mine and tickle me with her whiskers, so her pastoral gifts are very much intact, but this is her Flying Wallenda time.

Affectionate purrs to all!