Saturday, May 2, 2009

Musical silliness (related to sheep theme below)

Thanks to Kirstin for this one!

Baa, baa, bamba!

Sing along bilingually!

(+Maya Pavlova says thank you for el gatito.)


Paul said...

¡Ay! Me gustó mucho esta canción. Gracias por habernos divertido, querida. Que tengas buen suerte con las ovejas esta mañana.

Verification word: cotens. I should think on Good Shepherd Sunday it would be woolens, but what does Blogger know?

it's margaret said...

Mr. Witty was fascinated had we had to watch it twice! --he especially like the meow meow meumba part!

Thank you!

Kirstin said...

[still laughing]