Monday, May 4, 2009

Parents of Acts of Hope sighted in Paris, and a "whassup" update

The intrepid parents of Acts of Hope are on the fourth and last leg of their European trip, in our beloved former home, Paris. So says our correspondent, who keeps track of them and reports to me at my worrying-but-cheering-daughter stateside post. All went well in the Abruzzi and the related short stay in Rome.

Meanwhile, I posted the following update on Facebook this morning:

Jane Redmont is extremely very cranky, adding to the to-do list, about to deal with the bureaucracy, and not amused. Gazing at the irises in bloom as much as possible, drinking Assam tea, and looking forward to the Women's Studies dinner tonight. Hoping to check off two major items on the to-do list by lunchtime. Organizing graded and ungraded student papers in stacks. In despair over the state of grammar and punctuation.

Special thanks to Rowan the Dog, Bishop of Playing, who made an appearance on Facebook via his guardian Lindy in the comments section of the update.

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