Thursday, May 7, 2009

Travelers home safely

The intrepid Parents of Acts of Hope phoned to say they are home safely and happy birthday. They had a wonderful trip. They are off to bed since for them it is nearly 11 p.m. and they have been on a plane all day.

I am grading papers (grades are due first thing in the morning, no late grades allowed) and feeling all kinds of deadline pressure but taking a break to go out to dinner with two wonderful men who love each other. Life is good.

(That's the back terrace of the restaurant. Click to enlarge.)


June Butler said...

Jane, your parents are extraordinary. I am amazed that they undertook the trip. For me, the trip home seemed endless. Heck, it is endless. At least, going over there's the anticipation of a lovely trip.

Thanks be to God that they're safely home. I'm glad their trip was wonderful.

Caminante said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday and many more and may this year be a bit more quiet (no falling trees).

The kittehs all say hi and congrats.

Jane R said...

Thanks! Caminante, I hope you're getting a breather at last after all that travel. Yes, a quiet year would be nice. There's been altogether too much drama in this one. Grandmère Mimi, I can't wait to hear about my parents' trip. But I told them to rest up first. So in a day or two we'll talk again and I'll get the details.

Dinner out was great - delicious and fun. I like small dinners with good friends. The restaurant is my favorite one here. We were indoors, but there was a nice photo of that outdoor space on the website, so I thought I'd post it. It's now warm enough that the terrace is usable (unless it rains - though maybe they put up a tent when they have a reception there,who knows) and it is behind the building and away from the road. You can see how they've turned an old-ish house into a restaurant. You'd like it.

PseudoPiskie said...

Good to hear your adventurous parents are home safely with lots of wonderful memories!

lindy said...

Ah, glad to hear that the trip was a success and the Parents of Acts Of Hope are tucked into their beds. They make 90 look good.

Glad you had a night out with friends.