Thursday, May 21, 2009

Light blogging ahead

The feline bishop is taking a short retreat for a combination of prayer and frolic, and I will be away from her for a few days, perhaps blogging, perhaps not -- more likely not since I will be in R&R mode. Meanwhile, watch the Episcopal Café-- I have a new piece coming up there in the Daily Episcopalian section, though I am not exactly sure when. Could be tomorrow, could be next week. But it is, as they say, in the hopper.

Meanwhile, Donald Schell has two lovely pieces in the Daily Episcopalian (link above) called "Making Saints." Ann Fontaine will have an essay up about Ascension this weekend. Enjoy.

Blessed Feast of the Ascension today!


lindy said...

Have a fun weekend, Jane. Joy all around, to everyone!

PseudoPiskie said...

Enjoy the wedding. Safe travels.