Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Amazing Parents of Acts of Hope

My parents, both 90 years old, are leaving next week for Europe to visit Brother of Acts of Hope, Brother's Beloved, Brother's children (Nephew the Elder and Nephew the Younger) and their Lovely Partners, and Brother's Adorable Grandchildren (my parents' great-grandchildren, a.k.a. my grand-nephew and grand-niece, children of Nephew the Elder and the Lovely Portuguese Partner), and also to touch base with dear friends on our old Parisian stomping grounds. That's a trip to four countries, including England, where they will first land because it's the least tiring flight from Boston and also because London is a great place to recover from jet lag and go to the theatre.

I am, of course, going to worry about them the whole time, and I'm thrilled for them too.

They called today for a little health check-in and I have given them the daughterly admonitions to stay well hydrated and get their rest, and we'll talk again early in the week before they leave. Start the prayers now!


Lindy and Rowan said...

That's wonderful! May they have every blessing, and my St. Christopher guide them.

lauraj said...

May we all age so well!

June Butler said...

How lovely! I shall start the prayers. They have courage. Just the trip to England was hard on me, especially the trip home, and I'm 15 years younger. But I did it, and your marvelous parents will, too, I'm sure, and have a wonderful time.

susankay said...

Jane -- my parents were fairly wonderful and I miss them a whole lot. Blessings be on yours.