Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's music time: Let It Be

I just posted this on Facebook for a friend who is deep in a writing job and thought I'd share it here for the assembled multitudes. I'm enjoying watching and listening to this video. (Sorry MP, I still love the Beatles.) And for you religious types, this has Mother Mary in it, too. What's not to love?


With thoughts and prayers for the people of Mexico as they face the swine flu epidemic and the aftermath of an earthquake.

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Fran said...

So many prayers - so many prayers. I know someone who is very, very conservative. Her son is getting married in Mexico on 5/23 and they are all scheduled to head to Mexico City on 5/19 or 20.

She has been praying a novena to La Morenita about this situation - both for her family, but for the people of Mexico as well.

Which I bring up because, I love how God can find ways to unite us, even when we might disagree on so many things. Mother Mary's love is a mantle indeed.