Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday foodie post

As they say under other circumstances, "it just happened." And it really is very simple.

See here for a French lentil salad. I just made some.

Believe it or not, I had never cooked with French lentils. But they were on sale in bulk at the food co-op, so I got some. I've cooked a lot with the regular U.S. brown/green lentils to make soup, and with orange/pink/yellow lentils to make dal (Indian lentil purée), but never with those dandy little French Lentilles du Puy. (Le Puy is a town in central France.)

Haven't served the dish yet (we eat our supper late here at Acts of Hope) so it is minus the walnuts (which I may or may not use, I tasted the salad and it really is fine on its own), and I didn't have green onions (scallions) in the house so I minced a little piece of a regular onion and it seems to work fine, especially since I had some fresh parsley, so the dish has green. How was that for a run-on sentence?


Paul said...

I read the recipe. Sounds yummy. Lentils, in all varieties, are lovely. And so, well, Lenten. Enjoy.

johnieb said...

Very like the Lentils a la Aubergne I found this year, except for the sausage (and a little Dijon mustard). A lighter version sounds good, I think.

Isn't (or wasn't) there a famous Romanesque cathedral facade in Le Puy? I may have a sketch of it still (from a picture, alas)

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks, Jane. This sounds yummy. I went to the site and downloaded the recipe.

Can you say something about how French lentils differ from the other two types you mention? I've never seen French lentils in this town. (Quelle surprise, no?) They look lovely in your photo -- like little river pebbles. But is there a difference in taste?

P.S. Word verification = hydrobs. Hydrobs?