Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday cat blogging: latest +Maya Pavlova tidbits

No photo today - I haven't taken a photograph in ages and I think I am out of archived photos. Also, we are still in Intensive Writing Mode here, when we are not teaching or advising or doing related bureaucratic work. But here is some news on Her Grace, some of which you Facebook types out there will have seen.

Announced on Facebook last night: +Maya Pavlova has a new catnip ball. New to her, that is. I'd bought a package of two catnip balls months ago and given her one (now somewhere under a sofa, no doubt, or maybe at the bottom of her little toy basket) and the other was in a bag of goodies I hadn't opened since the move of Labor Day Weekend. So this is the other.

The catnip ball is made of cloth, purple with silver stars, and it is nicely cat-sized. Inside, so the packaging says, is organic catnip With No Bad Chemicals In It, and some kind of cloth filler. You squeeze the ball (I know just fed a straight line to someone, but may I remind you that +Maya is a bishop and this is a family blog, so get your mind out of the gutter) and the smell of catnip becomes more pronounced, and your friendly neighborhood cat pounces and gets lots exercise by chasing the ball around. Which +Maya did.

I didn't go into that much detail on Facebook.

+Maya Pavlova also has spring fever, as do all the critters in the neighborhood. The birds are twittering (not electronically) and flitting about, the squirrels are out, the dogs are sniffing and barking, and up the street near the little pond, the geese are walking two by two, ready to make goslings. As a result of all this activity, especially that of the first two types of critters, Our Girl is at the window a lot. When she's not sleeping. She does seem to be sleeping a bit less, or perhaps it's just that when she is awake, she does a lot of dashing about. It's not just the frequent Kitty-TV watching at the window. It's also the taking of great leaps onto the mantlepiece, the top of the highest bookcase, and the refrigerator.

Nevertheless, the Right Reverend and Right Honorable Maya Pavlova, FBE, is keeping an eye on her Canon to the Extraordinary to make sure the Canon gets her writing done. She still makes trips to the desk and sometimes settles there. She also comes over and gives little head-butts to the phone when someone she knows is in conversation with the Canon. Smart feline, that one.

That's our report for the day. Stay tuned, and thank you for your prayers for our work on the Big Theological Tome.

Also, Moira has her voice back! And the Acts of Hope family sent a big spring bouquet of flowers to the extended family at its post-funeral reception for Aunt Anne.

Over and out.


Kedda said...

My Misty manages to hide every ball or toy somewhere in the house. Periodically I go on a hunt to find them. She thinks they are new toys!

Lindy said...

I am glad that Her Grace is enjoying her dried organic weed. That's what weekends are for, after all.

David@Montreal said...

thank-you for the update on the writing
you and it came to mind less than an hour ago
prayers ascending


Fran said...

Booboo - as well as Gracie- have almost no interest in any toys.

My odd pets!

On an unrelated note, my friend DonnaMarie told me that she continues to hold you in prayer. She is also a college professor and can't imagine doing that and dissertation work at once.

Love and prayers your way!

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for the delightful update on +Maya. I'm glad she provides such pastoral care and support to the Canon to the Extraordinary.