Monday, April 6, 2009

Italy earthquake and family

As a few of you know, the far-flung Acts of Hope family has a few members in Italy. Two of them, Nephew the Younger and his Lovely One, live in the Abruzzi (a.k.a. Abruzzo) region of Italy, where a 6.3 earthquake just hit early this morning. Their town was not near the epicenter, though, so there was no damage there. As you have probably heard, the damage is severe in the city of L'Aquila, close to the epicenter. Nephew the Younger and Lovely One were actually out of town at a wine convention (both are in the wine biz and they live near Lovely One's family, who are vintners) but have of course checked in with family. Do send prayers and good thoughts to the people in the region of the earthquake. It was severe, and Brother of Acts of Hope says he and his Beloved even felt the tremors in Rome.


Lisa Fox said...

I am glad your family is safe.

Just saw PBS's coverage, and it looks awfully grim.

Kedda said...

So glad to hear that your family is safe. The damage is extensive according to CNN.

Paul said...

Prayers since i first heard of it.

Magdalene6127 said...

Praying, Jane.

Fran said...

Many prayers. My friend Remo's family is from L'Aquila and my next door neighbor grew up in Dimona, about 30 minutes away.

So far Remo's family is fine, not sure about Teresa's.

Glad to hear yours are ok.

Prayers for all -it looks so devastating.