Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chag Sameach Pesach - Passover begins tonight!

Long ago, at this season, a people --our people--set out on a journey.

On such a night as this, Israel went forth from degradation to joy.

We give thanks for the liberations of days gone by.

And we pray for all who are still bound, still denied their human rights.

Eternal God, may all who hunger come to rejoice in a new Passover.

Let all the human family sit at Your table, drink the wine of deliverance, eat the bread of freedom.

Gates of Freedom: A Passover Haggadah by Chaim Stern. Visual Interpretations by Todd Siler. Introduction by Eugene B. Borowitz. (Chappaqua, NY: Rossel Books 1981, 1982)

You are Blessed, Our God, Spirit of the World, who
makes us holy with mitzvot and commands us to
kindle the light of the festival day.

You are Blessed, Our God, Spirit of the World,
who keeps us in life, who sustains us, and who
enables us to reach this season.

Women of Israel, the wonder of our seders
brights new light to the world.

The Journey Continues: The Ma'yan Passover Haggadah (New York: Ma'yan: The Jewish Women's Project, 2000).

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