Sunday, March 2, 2008

And a prayer to go with the sermon

...though I didn't use it, because there were enough words in the liturgy already. But I read it as I was writing the sermon and re-reading the words of my former spiritual director. Both his words and the prayer by Aelred below can be found in the chapter on discernment in When in Doubt, Sing.

Good Jesus,
the water of your teaching
flows in silence.
Your gospel is not poured into our ears
by an eloquent tongue,
but is breathed into our hearts
by your sweet spirit.
Your voice never strains nor shouts.
You do not force us to hear you.
You ask only
that we open our hearts to you,
and in tranquility your love enters our soul.

*******Aelred of Rievaulx (c. 1110-1167)


Fran said...

Jane - this is so lovely. I may use it on my parish blog. I don't do a lot of linking back there for various reasons, but I will absolutely mention you and your book as my source of this.

St Edwards Blog said...

Jane, I hope that you don't mind that I went forward with this.

If for some reason, you wish that I change or delete anything referring to you, please let me know and it will be done.

Jane R said...

Thank you - I'm honored. And you wrote a lovely reflection.

This is just a quick note because I'm with our visitor from Botswana all day and half the evening...

Peace to you, dear sister.