Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bishop Robinson responds

As some readers know, I don't post much on Anglican politics and on The Current Unpleasantness because there are plenty of others doing so. I post only on neglected women's and feminist perspectives and when there is what I consider big news or a matter doubly worthy of note.

This is one of those matters. Again, I want to say in public that Gene Robinson is one of the sanest, healthiest, holiest clergymembers I have ever met, and yes, I have met him. His non-invitation to Lambeth appalls me and makes me sad, but I commend his words to you rather than spending my time ranting, because he shows us the way, and his transparency and attention to the meaning of Christian hospitality are what we need to emulate.

I am particularly touched by his thanks to the more traditionalist members of the House of Bishops and by his account of the "catacomb Christians" of the gay and lesbian community of Hong Kong.

May Christ, in whom there is no East or West, be with his church, in whom, to our shame, there is much pain and strife.

Here is Bishop Gene's statement.

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johnieb said...

I saw it earlier today on Episcopal Cafe, but am too hurt and angry to say much. Fr. Jake's words echoed what I had said earlier at my place while floundering for a topic.

Yet, when I despair of finding any of the Gospel in church politics, Bishop Robinson comes through, in a most saintly way. I still hope the HoB may find ways to live to their calling.

Sad to say, I gave up looking to Cantaur some time ago; it appears to me his actions have led us to the very thing he claims to want to avoid. I wish he was the only one who had to live with it, but that's not the case, is it?