Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gay and gray - and loving and thoughtful

My friend Jan of Happening Here is now writing a regular column called Gay and Gray, and her latest, which she just mentioned on her personal blog, is about two men from San Francisco, their partnership, and their impending move to Ohio. Read it here. It's interesting, moving, and well written.

(JohnieB: one of the men is a Vietnam vet, too.)

Jan's Gay and Gray column appears on the blog Time Goes By.


johnieb said...

Yes. As I said at Jan's, I knew which one as soon as I saw the picture. Thanks, Jane; it feels good to hear an outsider acknowledge our "work". I answer "retired" when asked "What do you do?" but that's not accurate. Perhaps I shall think of what to say, and write about it.

Fran said...