Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Christ our victim,
whose beauty was disfigured
and whose body torn upon the cross;
open wide your arms,
to embrace our tortured world,
that we may not turn away our eyes,
but abandon ourselves to your mercy,

A collect for Good Friday
by Janet Morley
(from All Desires Known: Inclusive Prayers for Worship and Meditation, expanded edition)


Fran said...

Beautiful- that Janet Morley, love her words.

I have come into possession of a book today, via a used book sale. The author may be familiar to you Jane... It is you.

I found a copy of Generous Lives and will look forward to reading it. When I saw your name I leapt for it!

Easter Blessings in abundance to you.

Jane R said...

Dear Fran,
That's my first book! You will see that we already had much in common then. It's a good book to give folks who have all those stereotypes about Catholics in their head, the ones you mentioned on your blog two posts ago in that gorgeous post. (The one that talked about washing Dick Cheney's feet at the end.) I felt a great kinship with you upon reading your words.

I am leaving shortly for our Stations of the Cross and will later post a short poem I wrote for the Thirteenth Station.

Many blessings to you, my friend, as we meet today in the church Catholic (of the West - our Eastern sisters and brothers are still deep in Lent) at the foot of the cross.