Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gorgeous Bosphorus view with a tear in the film

Or something. Not sure how this happened but it was there on the CD of the photos when I got them back from the shop two months ago, and I haven't gone back to find out whether it was the film. It makes me sad because this was the most beautiful day on the Bosphorus, as you can see.

But life sometimes feels that way: our beautiful world, with an unexplained tear (that's tear as in torn, not tear as in weeping) right in the middle of the beauty, unexplained and unexplainable, impossible to get rid of, impossible to avoid, impossible to fix.

So I decided to post the picture.

Bosphorus: Shadow and Light.

Photo by Jane Redmont, December 2007. Click to enlarge.


June Butler said...

Jane, and well you should post it. It's like life. What a lovely place, even with the tear.

johnieb said...

Especially with the tear: good thinking.

Fran said...

It is the spirit hole- where God comes in.

Thanks for the lovely photo.