Sunday, March 2, 2008

This one's for PJ

I can't possibly find the right song for PJ, who knows all kinds of esoteric alt/rock from way after my time, so in the spirit of blogiversary celebration and dedications to my blogging chums, here is the perfect-for-PJ cartoon.
Brought to you by Debbie at Will Write for Chocolate.


johnieb said...

I'll be sure to ask!

pj said...

Yup, that's just about right!!!

Thank you, Jane!

And every time I say "thank you Jane," I can't help but think of Garrett Morris and Jane Curtin from SNL. (Thank you, Hane.)

Whatever, it's late. :)

Jane R said...

You cannot imagine how many of my friends, back in that great SNL era (when they were still doing real political satire and before they resorted to perpetual potty jokes) used to say to me "Jane, you ignorant - - - -!" ;-)