Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday cat blogging: this one's for Padre Mickey

I couldn't think of the right music for Padre Mickey when I was doing my blogiversary dedication posts a couple of weeks ago, but here is a cat post he will like. Here's to you, Padre!

(I know, bad day to do this when the Chinese government is being repressive with Tibetans... Gimme a break, okay?)

More cat world domination stuff here, and if you canine lovers click around the site you'll find dog stuff too.)


johnieb said...

There are no pictures of Siberian Blue Torbeis; there is a good reason for this. The announcements informing you of the behaviors required of you will follow.

The one in the chair behind is busy napping, but I'm sure she's in on it.

Padre Mickey said...

Thanks, Jane. I love that site. I have many of the commie dog posters.

I have a copy of the original which was altered for Chairman Meow.

Fran said...

Oh I so love this!!!