Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on the Italy-Turkey rivalry

At Acts of Hope, we bring you prayer, we bring you chitchat, we bring you a little theology, we bring you the incomparable Miss Maya Pavlova, and once in a while, we bring you journalism you won't find in the U.S.

Usually, it's in the form of an article by the Beloved Elder Sibling of Acts of Hope. Previous articles are here and here.

Today's contribution is, once again, from the Turkish Daily News, Turkey's English-language newspaper, and did you have any idea what was going on between Milan and Izmir? Be honest, now.

A news story on the same Milan-Izmir topic (not by my bro, as far as I know) is here.


johnieb said...

Honestly: Izmir? EXPO? Thanks for providing such informative pieces, even if Dennis does write them.

Paul said...

No, I had no idea what was up between Izmir and Milano. Such a delicious luxury to have friends from whom one keeps learning!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan,
Hello. This is my first visit here, having seen your comments on some of the blogs I visit

What a great blog you keep! There is so much to delve into here and I love the art - I go straight for the images, always. Looking much forward to reading more here.

I read your friend's article on the marriage of the two men from San Francisco. Loved it. It's odd that gay people are thought of as some sort of freaky counter-culture. We all want the same basic rights, not the least of which is to choose the person whom we marry.

I had a great visit.

Pagan Sphinx

Jane R said...

Dear Pagan Sphinx,
Welcome! It's Jane with an e at the end, not Jan. Thank you for your kind words. I am looking forward to visiting your blog. Today's visual is a picture of a cute beagle. He is a work of art in his own way. See above under "Friday Critter Blogging."