Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday critter blogging (cat is busy); Part One: BIRDS!

In the interest of interspecies understanding and in keeping with the open and inclusive values of Acts of Hope, we bring you non-feline creatures today. Miss Maya Pavlova is busy watching Kitty TV anyway. (Kitty TV is the word a couple of friends use to describe cats watching birds and squirrels at the window with rapt attention.)

Greensboro Birds's Iris prefers that we not lift her fine photos from her blog and that instead we link to them. So via the links, with many thanks to Iris, are some of the birds of spring here in the not too deep South. Click and gaze.

Eastern Bluebirds and other feathered friends on the first day of spring.

Purple Finches and American Goldfinches (a.k.a. "Flying Lemons") here and here. Molting goldfinch here.

Let's not forget the grey birds. Everyone has to wear a cassock sometime, you can't always wear the full liturgical finery, and we'd all look quite silly if everyone strutted around in a chasuble. This here is a Dark-eyed Junko.

Here in another neighborhood of Greensboro, on the edge of the college campus, what strikes me is the birdsong. Twitter, twitter, sing, call. The feathered folk have been all musical noise for a couple of weeks now. I listen to them on my walks.

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