Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arcatao Stations of the Cross: The First Station

From the walls of the church in Arcatao, El Salvador.

Photos of the Stations have been traveling as an exhibit "Stations of the Struggle" during Lent. Photographer Roland Torres, from Madison, Wisconsin, took them during a delegation visit. Madison is sister city to Arcatao.


Fran said...

I looked at this early this morning and then again tonight.

Thank you for these images- brilliant and moving.

Senor ten piedad.

johnieb said...

I may have to give these up, Jane: not because they lack power, but because they have power, and re-awaken too much pain from watching Reagan destroy Central America: because he could and because we had always done it. How can I pray for such people, and the cheap hoodlums they leave in responsible positions: Reich, Abrams, and others?

Godde protect us from genial, well meaning dunces in power.