Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday afternoon: sermon, art, family, loss, nap; John O., RIP, part I

I preached a funny/serious sermon. Will post later today once I have cleaned it up a bit.

Took time to attend an exhibit opening downtown after church, a painter-engraver colleague of mine and a potter friend of his. Lovely. We really do need beauty almost as much as water.

Came home to news that one of my parents' closest friends, a sort of uncle of mine really though not a blood relative, died suddenly last night. His wife hasn't been well and just celebrated her 90th birthday and we all expected she would go first. He went very fast -- not sure what the cause was, but it doesn't matter.

It's too early for the newspaper obituaries but I found a professional bio online. What it doesn't show of course is the tall, stately man with the wide smile and deep sense of irony and humor who adored his grandchildren and who was one of the great diplomats of his generation. A diplomat on the development side -- as in, helping bring water to Gaza. Gaza which is in hell right now.

Oremus. And rest in peace, John. A life well lived.

I am going to try for a nap. Never enough sleep on Saturday nights, especially before a preaching Sunday. I am sad for my parents especially. They have been friends with this couple since before the war (World War II, that is) and John is the first of the four to die.


johnieb said...

I experience the idealism of that generation vicariously, but see it shining forth gloriously in a career like this. I love to learn the details, and imagine the context based on them: a rich, beautiful life, lived so well, is an inspiration to all who follow. The temporary, fleeting arrangements of power are wisps; goodness as this is, and always will be, lasting.

Godde notices, and it helps us to do likewise.

Fran said...

Oh Jane- my prayers for you always, for your parents and their friends - living and deceased. God is close to the brokenhearted.

Anyone who has helped the Palestinian people is a hero in my eyes.

Looking forward to your sermon!

pj said...

(((Jane and Jane's parents)))