Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chag Sameach Pesach: More from Velveteen Rabbi

For your Passover or post-Passover meditation, whether or not you are immersed in Yiddishkeit. Come on in and visit. The wonderful Velveteen Rabbi offers several reflections at her place, including:

This week's portion: leaving Mitzrayim
Calendar Christians: The "Torah portion" is the liturgical and spiritual equivalent of our weekly Gospel passage in the lectionary. "Leaving Mitzrayim," as you saw in the previous post, means "leaving Egypt" (as in the Exodus) but also "leaving the narrow place."

Make sure you read the comments there and at the other posts, too.

A reflection on Pesach as a festival of new creation. Remember many Jewish festivals are both agricultural and historical, so the life of the land and the history of the people are both present.

A tale of two seders
Foodies: there is a recipe for Persian haroset in here. Liturgical types: there are blessings and prayers and reflections on the wording and the texts. Everyone: we all enjoy tales of festive gatherings.

The first day of the Omer

Yes, there is a link explaining what "counting the Omer" means. And there are links to music. Hear chants both haunting and lively.

This week's portion: Gevurah (Kedoshim)

With a poem, which you can read and also listen to via an audio link. I think the Velveteen Rabbi wrote it and that it is her voice we hear.


Some thoughts, and prayers, on yoga, on life with G*d "who releases the bound."

Kol b'seder ("everything's okay") in the J-blogosphere
Lots of music here! Enjoy. Go find the link to Roman --yes, Roman Jewish-- songs! Jewish liturgical tradition, especially at Passover, is sober and serious, but also joyous and playful.

Now be nice and stop stereotyping Pharisees. Rabbinic Judaism in all its richness descends directly from them.


Anonymous said...

Nice display of Seder plates


Jane R said...

Thanks. They are by various artists and are available via the fabulous Kolbo store (in Brookline next to Boston, and now, as I discovered to my delight, with a website). Should have put a note up about that.