Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday cat blogging, first Friday in April (2)

These are from last week, or some time around then. (I only own an old-fashioned camera, so I take the film to the shop and get a CD made.)

Kitty TV: hours of entertainment on the Bird and Squirrel Channel.

Caption contest, anyone?

Maya watches the sunset.


Photos by Jane Redmont. A Maya Pavlova Production.


Fran said...

What a gorgeous kitty!!!

Paul said...

i love Maya watching the sunset. Perfect.

As for captions, was that a yawn or a snarl when she heard a snippet from the presidential primaries?

Jane R said...

More than likely. She dislikes human politics intensely.

Jane R said...

'Course, that was really a yawn.

June Butler said...

Maya, you are a beautiful cat, but you look like a tigress when you yawn - really, truly scary. May I call you a catress?

Jane R said...

Of course!

Maya Pavlova