Saturday, April 26, 2008


What spice are you?
Your Score: Habanero Pepper
You scored 75% intoxication, 75% hotness, 50% complexity, and 75% craziness!

You are Habanero! You're hot and very flavourful. Unlike most hot peppers, your fruity goodness really comes through. You're great in unexpected situations, and quite vibrant, to boot. You're fun, spontaneous, and have been known to cause intense giggle fits. Woot!

The "Which Spice Are You?" silly test.


johnieb said...

I'm 75% hotness, 75% intoxication, 100% crazy (and have the papers to "prove" it), and 75* complexity.

Something about "Menage" and space travel. "Long ago ago in a galaxy far away..."

Jane R said...

So what's your spice?

johnieb said...

That's what I'm having trouble figuring out; what's "menage"? That's what it gave me, with something about space travel: weird.

Jane R said...

I think that was the one-paragraph commentary. What was the picture? You should get a picture, and above it a "you are..." phrase. Take it again.

Paul said...

Coriander. 50, 50, 50, 75 craziness and everybody scores higher than me on complexity. I'm not all that complex, but it still hurt my feelings.

Anonymous said...

Paul, complexity is overrated.

I love coriander.

Those habaneros are something! and I think they do suit our Jane.

Ken said...

I don't do quizzes where I have to join dating services I don't want.

johnieb said...

One picture is a desert scene: sand dunes, and the other a Science Fiction illustration.

What spice are you? Why do you care? The spice must flow! The spice is necessary for space travel! This is an intense, 4-dimensional analysis of your entire self resulting in a seemingly meaningless category. We like categories. We like spice.

Jane R said...

No, Paul, I was 50% complexity also and slightly hurt as well. (I shouldn't be since I am forever protesting that I am but a simple country theologian. Though, of course, I might just mean that the way Senator Sam was just a simple country lawyer, may he rest in peace.) You and I are typical Tauruses, then, just simple bullish sorts, loving the simple pleasures of life, and maybe that trumps our intellectual complexity! If it makes you happy, we could make little buttons (or big, Taurean ones) to wear on our lapels (or on our cassocks ;-)) saying "Taureans have more fun." :-)

Ken, I didn't have to join. I just play the quizzes. If I joined (maybe I did way back, I dunno), I'm certainly not getting any spam because of it. You are so predictably grumpy. It is part of your charm, but you are missing out on some enjoyable silliness.

JohnieB, I am totally confused. Ménage ain't a spice, but if it is à trois it is a spicy arrangement. Are you sure there wasn't a picture of something?

Mary Clara, you know me too well.

johnieb said...

I've got it now; I misspelled "Melange"; it's a fictional spice drug in a series of sci-fi novels.