Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh, and some good news!

This week (in the middle of work schedule insanity) I got an e-mail from my publisher with a jpg of my book cover, and it's beautiful. I'm not sure whether it's legit for me to post it here yet, so I'm not. (When in doubt, keep up the boundaries.) But trust me, it is lovely, and I am thrilled.

Once the catalogue is out and Sorin Books / Ave Maria Press has launched the publicity, I'm sure I can post the picture, so watch for it on this blog.

Publication date still in the fall sometime. Stay tuned for updates.


June Butler said...

Jane, it's lovely to have a beautiful cover for your book, and, of course, we all know that the contents will be wonderful, too. Congratulations, my friend.

Fran said...

Can't wait!!!
Mazel tov!!