Monday, April 14, 2008

Papal press: thoughts from Mary Hunt

Like my friend FranIAm, I am going to refrain from opining on the papal visit, though for different reasons.

I will, however, post interesting analysis and commentary when I find it and as time allows.

Mary E. Hunt, Catholic feminist theologian whom I have mentioned and quoted here before (full disclosure: she's an old friend), has a new piece out on a website I didn't know of and will now bookmark, Religion Dispatches (subtitled "Critical Analysis for the Common Good.") Read Dr. Hunt's piece here. (Make sure you click to the next page once you've gotten to the bottom -- it's a three-page piece. Three short pages.)

I'm noticing how much media criticism is becoming a part of our lives. I certainly spend more and more time doing and teaching it in my religious studies courses.

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Fran said...

Outstanding article Jane, thank you.

I have bookmarked that site as well.