Monday, April 28, 2008


It is raining buckets in Greensboro. Maya Pablova sits at her perch at the window, fascinated. There are no squirrel or birds on the grass outdoors, but you can see the rain, and it is making big plunking puddles already. This is the biggest rain we have had in a long time. It rained yesterday and the day before but this is not just a thunderstorm as we had this weekend; it's a DOWNPOUR, and a long one.

The return of the rain this spring has been a happy occurrence because we have been in drought since last summer. Usually we have a thunderstorm in the late afternoon almost every day in the summer, but last summer we had perhaps three in the entire month of August, if that, and the water levels went down dangerously, though not as badly as in Atlanta and some other parts of the Southeast. We also didn't get much precipitation in the winter. So when it rains these days, nobody gripes and everyone rejoices.

In case you were wondering why I speak of Maya Pavlova during the working day, I work at home in the mornings this semester, 'cause I teach in the evenings a fair amount. It's nice to be within chatting distance of the local feline therapist. Mrrrow.

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pj said...

It's raining buckets here too, for the first time in several weeks. New York is usually okay, weatherwise, but there's drought all over the world right now and with the news being what it is, I was getting nervous.

Alleluia for rain and publishing. :)

And Maya, too.