Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday cat blogging, first Friday in April (1)

There's an explicit copyright on this one, so I am refraining from posting it, but you must click here and see the African wild cat sleeping in a tree.

It looks like a direct relative of my Maya Pavlova and several other cats I know, and according to the photographer, it is.

The photographer is James Warwick from the UK. Says Warwick, a wildlife photographer, "I had seen this individual a number of times resting up in the same tree during the day. On this occasion I could not have wished for a more perfect pose. After a few minutes he resumed his afternoon nap. African wild cats are the main relative of all domestic cats."

C'mon, click. You need that daily "aaaawwww."


Anonymous said...

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Fran said...

I love that photo!I tried to show it to Mr BooBoo, but now that he is feeling better, the blogs are not to his liking. Running around is so much better.

johnieb said...

Ms. Scarlett T. refuses to look at the screen, as she simply cannot understand why Papa looks at it when he could be watching her.

However, as she is having an early nap: "Awwwwhh!"

Kirstin said...


Doorman-Priest said...

It wouldn't be aaaawwww if you tried to stroke it I suspect!

Jane R said...

True. That's okay, I have a cousin of that wild cat who lives with me and lets met!

But did you see the wonderful lion video over at Grandmère Mimi's? The humans in it are from your side of the Atlantic, I think.

Jane R said...

Oops, that's "lets me."

Alert, Grandmère Mimi: Auntie Jane makes typos all the time.