Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday cat blogging: Maya Pavlova does postcolonial feminist biblical interpretation

Regular readers may remember that many weeks ago I (and we at Guilford College) had the honor of hosting the Botswanan biblical scholar Musa Dube, who came to speak here on her way from and to other, larger speaking engagements in the U.S. South. She spoke about African women's biblical perspectives and feminist postcolonial biblical interpretation in the age of HIV/AIDS in a session of my Liberation Theologies seminar which I opened to anyone who wanted to come. She also gave a lecture in a more formal venue on campus later the same day.

Because the number of students in the seminar is small, I teach it at home and Miss Maya Pavlova is a regular participant. Being a heterosexual girlcat, she favors the one young man in the class and always ends up settling on his lap, but this time she went to a woman, and she loooooved our esteemed scholarly visitor. So much so that I had to fetch a towel to put on the visitor's lap, because said visitor was of course wearing a beautiful black pantsuit, and you know what cats with white bellies do to black pantsuits.

Maya Pavlova sat on that scholarly lap for over an hour and listened to the whole talk and the questions and answers.

So here, in memory of beloved Krister Stendahl, whose funeral was today (I was not able to go to Cambridge for it, sadly, but hope to make it to the humongous memorial service up there on May 16) and in honor of the new generation of biblical scholars, of whom Musa Dube is a worthy and wonderful representative, we bring you Maya Pavlova, intercultural ambassador and intellectual cat. And, as always, world-class flirt.


Fran said...

Dearest Jane,

I have been holding you close in prayer, prayers of consolation over the loss of Krister to the world. I know he meant so much to you and your words about him are a great tribute.

Maya Pavlova is quite the fetching kitty, perched there on Musa Dube's lap so charmingly.

This was one of the best Friday Cat Bloggings ever.

(((Jane))) (((Maya Pavlova)))

(BTW reading is slow given so much going on, but I am really enjoying Generous Women.)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Maya Pavlova was in the SAME position for all of those pictures! She must have been really comfortable!

Jane R said...

Lisa, yes, it was amazing! She just really connected with Dr. Dube and got all peaceful and focused and still.

Fran, thank you!!

And I am so glad you are enjoying the book. (It's Generous Lives, but same deal. :-))

Maya Pavlova thanks you both. She is very pleased with herself, being a cat and all.

Fran said...

This is what happens when I am too tired and stay on the blogs when I should be asleep! Lives, women - oy gevalt!

Chag sameach BTW, happy pesach.

Caminante said...

That lucky woman...

I remember hearing Kirster speak at the 1992 (?) Trinity Institute at whatever that hotel was, a Marriott?, at the World Trade Center. And he was at a friend's graduation but I can't quite remember the circumstances. I just remember him as a gentle soul.

Ken said...

Now, from the look on Ms. Dube's face, she's not at all bothered by Maya Pavlova's presence. You know the Common Wisdom: that a cat can walk into a room with 100 people, zero in on the one person there who hates cats, and sit in that person's lap. Not so here, so I thank Ms. Maya for giving the lie to an old Something's tale.