Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday cat blogging: (temporary) favorite places

Maya Pavlova has favorite places, but they vary. For a week she will adopt a place to sleep --the laundry basket, the top of a box, anywhere either soft or small and somewhat enclosed-- and there she will return, every day and evening, but then she is on to a new one. The week before last and into the weekend it was a particular small cushion at the end of the living-room couch. She had never slept there before. She is not sleeping there any more. But for a week it was her Favorite Place.

This of course does not include the perch I cleared for her some months ago at the top of a low bookcase in my study by the window. That is where she watches Kitty TV every morning and sometimes every afternoon. But in between, there must be naps.

This week she is fond of the very top of the high narrow bookcase in the living room. She jumps up there in a flying leap and naps there in the evenings. I assume she likes it not only because it is just the size of a small curled-up cat but also because it is close to the standing lamp, which is on in the evenings, so she gets the warmth from it. If it's a warm spot, it will attract a cat. She can, of course, survey the premises from the top of the bookcase when she opens an eye or two.


more cows than people said...

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thanks for your support.

Padre Mickey said...

That's a sweet photo.

Paul said...

Mickey is right. Mlle Pavlova is a very sweet looking kitty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jane. It is amazing how comforting even a photograph of a fine cat such as Ms. Maya can be!

Anonymous said...

Maya Pavlova is one beautiful, sweet kitty. You are blessed.

Jane R said...

She is a sweetie, and she thanks you for your compliments (which, being the resident goddess, she knows are her due). When I got her (in August, from the local pet rescue shelter) I declared she was my resident therapist, and she is!

The students love her, and she is a world-class flirt, hopping onto their laps and often settling there. (I teach one of my seminars here at home.) And this winter, when I was engaged in some very complicated and intense pastoral care and the person(s) involved came here a couple of times, Miss Maya was at the door greeting them.

I say there's nothing like a sleeping cat (or a happy purring cat) to bring your blood pressure down.

On the other hand, she did just jump all over the kitchen counters and stove top half an hour ago and she is so agile she was already halfway around the kitchen surfaces by the time I uttered my sternest OFF!. (Which she does understand. Not sure she knows her name yet though. She does know how to type; she left a message over at Mimi's yesterday.)

Jane R said...

P.S. Mary Clara, she is Ms. Maya since like her human she is a good feminist, but she also goes by Miss Maya because she is also, well, a Southern girl. So varied forms of address are fine.