Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And now, some beauty

Because we cannot let the sun set on our anger, I close the day* with a photo from November in Paris.

*which is already past midnight, but I am cheating and changing the post time so that it is still Wednesday in blogtopia.

This is a bit of the courtyard and entrance to the Cluny museum. This is Paris's museum of medieval art and, as you can see, it is in a fine late 15th century building. The English-language website for the museum is here. Click on "The Hôtel de Cluny" in the left-hand column to read about the building. The other links are fun, too.

I just realized I already posted this photo two months ago, but I didn't say what it was and you can't look at Paris courtyards too often.


Fran said...

What a lovely photo! I saw it and thought it looked familiar and then quickly dismissed that thought.

However, it is familiar!

My first trip abroad, Spring break, April actually- 1979. While other kids went to Florida for debauchery, Miss Snootybottoms went to Amsterdam and Paris for 2 weeks.

I figured, there was enough debauchery in my life at college, I needed something more.

I was visiting my friend who was studying in Paris. The VERY first place that she took me was the Cluny. It was a favorite place in Paris and remains such.

Thank you for this lovely photo, which is one of the nice things that start my day today.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Cluny museum a lot — I even sang a little Gregorian chant from an old manuscript they had displayed! Pretty cool, reaching across the centuries that way.

I also used that metro stop a lot, as there are a ton of good restaurants and shops around there. I think Amorino (best gelato in France) is near there, as well as a Georgian restaurant I went to with a priest friend from the American Cathedral.

Thanks for the photo!

Paul said...


I did not get there when I was in Paris in 1967.

Clearly, I need to get to Paris again before I die, Deo volente.

Anonymous said...

I took my first trip to Paris last year in March. The Cluny was the number one spot on our list of museums to see. It was great! I have searched for a picture of the marvelous little wooden sculpture of the Laughing Madonna and Child that was there. Do you know the one?

Oh! I long to go back.