Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Padre Mickey needs a new camera

Padre Mickey and the Lovely Mona are on vacation, well deserved in the midst of their hard work as missionaries, musicians, and general purveyors of goodwill and generosity (not to mention humo[u]r and icons and stories of the saints).

They are having a good time except for a little misadventure involving a stolen camera, and they could use some material assistance. Details from Padre Mickey, the rockin' guitar-playin' priest, are here, with a link to a secure contribution thingie, and I encourage friends and fans to donate. I'm getting paid tomorrow, May 1, and in honor of International Workers' Day and the Month of Mary (hey who says you can't celebrate both? Mickey will agree) I am going to shell out a tiny bit myself. Go 'long now. And Mickey didn't pay me to say this. Not that he could, because have you looked at Episcopal missionary salaries recently?


johnieb said...

Dat's done: solidarity, Red Mr. Peanut Bank & Gallito Mescalito et al.

Da noive!

Unknown said...

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