Friday, April 11, 2008

Icon blogging: Ethiopian triptych with Mary and Jesus

Got the icon from here.

Anonymous painter. Triptych with Virgin and Child Flanked by archangels, scenes from the life of Christ, apostles and Saint George and Saint Mercurius. Ethiopia (Gojjam?), late 17th century. Tempera on panel.


Paul said...

I love Ethiopian icons. Thanks for sharing this one.

Fran said...

I love Ethiopian icons too.

Over the years and with my many travels, I have a number of icons and other pieces of religious art that I have collected.

This past September, when I was in Barcelona I saw two gorgeous Ethiopian pieces - a diptych and a triptych. They were out of my price range, but what great items of beauty they were.

Thank you for posting this.

johnieb said...

How extraordinarily they look, as if they were always seeing Godde's work before them!

The Cunning Runt said...

The two (presumably) Holy Dudes over Mary's shoulders in the first photo look like they're just about to High-Five each other.

I obviously know zilch about Ethiopian religious art, but this is nonetheless very cool. Any idea about its age?

Jane R said...

TCR, it is pretty recent: late 17th century. I usually post a reference and neglected to do so. I'll correct this, but meanwhile, in haste, here is the place from which I nicked the icon. If you scroll down you will see the icon and then info about it.