Friday, April 4, 2008

Wisdom from Thomas Merton

Don’t set limits to the mercy of God.
Don’t believe that because you are not pleasing to yourself
you are not pleasing to God.
God does not ask for results.
God asks for love.

–Thomas Merton

Another quote I use in When in Doubt, Sing... Rediscovered it today. I don't know about you, but I need to remember this one.


Kirstin said...


johnieb said...

May She write this on our hearts.

Fran said...

That is an understatement... Johnieb is so right.

Shannon said...

I'm printing out the Merton quote on to business cards and handing them out at the Sunday services at the prison this week. Too bad I can't tattoo this on every palm!

Jane R said...

This was part of the quote my spiritual director handed me on my first-ever week-long directed retreat. It was the first thing she had me read.

Tell the guys at the prison that there are people out there who remember them and that I send love.

Anonymous said...


Just, wow.

Merton is the man.

Anonymous said...

Your book made a difference in my life…I vividly remember reading it, sitting outside a cabin in the woods and suddenly experiencing the holiness of everything surrounding me. I started a thoughtful journal that weekend, with quotes (including this one) from your book as my first entries. Fast forward eight years and, again, God spoke to me through you when you responded with kind words to an anguished comment I wrote a few weeks ago on another blog. I wonder if you can imagine my astonishment when I followed the link to your site and made the connection. I see God’s hand in synchronicity more and more. Just wanted you to know.
"Sometimes Not Lost"

Anonymous said...

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